Frequently asked questions…

Is a Compact Lift suitable for wheelchair users?

Yes. The Compact Elegance Plus Home Lift is ideal for homeowners with mobility issues as it allows them the freedom and independence to move around the home unhindered. The Elegance Plus is our widest and deepest model and can accommodate a full sized wheel chair. It is an ideal alternative to a stairlift and perfect for those with limited mobility.

What happens if the power fails and I'm in the lift?

In the event of a power cut to the home all Compact Home Lifts are equipped with a battery backup facility. This is included as standard with the lift and will allow anyone in the lift at the time of the power failure to gently descend to the lower level of the home, exit the lift and wait until the power comes back on.

Does the compact home lift have a door?

Compact Home Lifts are fitted with a self-closing, hinged door (doors come in both half height and full height options) that provides a physical barrier during the operation of the lift.  The door locks will release when the lift arrives safely at the floor of choice.

Can I stay in my home for longer with a Compact Home Lift?

Yes.  A Compact Home Lift is a great help to those with mobility problems, but it is also purchased by those who are able bodied and looking to future proof their homes.  This means you can have the peace of mind to continue to live a full life in the family home you love for many years to come.

What building work will need to be carried out?

Unlike conventional lifts, all that a Compact Home Lift requires for installation is the appropriate aperture to be cut out and trimmed by a qualified builder.  The work itself is minimal and not time consuming.  There may be instances where small amounts of additional work may need to be carried out such as moving pipes but these will be managed by our building teams and our surveyor will discuss this with you.

Do you require load bearing walls?

No, our unique dual rail system creates a completely self-supporting structure. The weight of the entire structure and lift are in compression through the rails into the floor of the home. The Compact Home Lift does not add any extra burden on a home thanks to this clever system.

Where can I place my lift?

Our compact home lifts allow for unrivaled flexibility in terms of placement. Due to the size of our lifts and unique dual rail support system, our lifts can be placed throughout the home. We can even install our lifts in some closet spaces.

How long does it take to install?

Our home lifts are fitted by a professional network of authorised dealers and contractors. Once the basic building works are completed, we can often have your Compact Home Lift installed and operational in under 2 working days.

How safe is the Compact Home Lift?

Our lifts are some of that safest of their kind on the market and boast the following safety features:

Top and bottom safety pans
When the lift is moving, two safety pans are in place to ensure nothing is obstructing the lift. This means that if an object (e.g. a child or pet) was to potentially obstruct the lift as it travels, the lift would simply stop before making contact and only be able to move in the opposite direction.

Full height light curtain (half door option lift)
The full height light curtain is located at the entrance to the lift. This acts as a sensor and ensures nothing crosses into or out of the lift as it travels. This prevents any dangers to passengers and also people outside the lift. In the event the light curtain is crossed, the lift will stop and will not move until the obstruction ceases.

Hold-to-run press button controls
Our lifts are fitted with hold to run press button controls, ensuring that the occupants are in total control of the lift at all times. This also creates a point of contact between the passenger and the lift whilst it is in motion.

Swing Door
Our lifts are fitted with a hinged door (this comes in both half-height and full-height varieties) that provides a physical barrier whilst the lift is in use. The door locks will only release when the lift arrives safely at the floor of choice.

Weight limit sensors
If the weight limits of our lifts are ever exceeded, the weight limit sensors will not allow the lift to travel.

Out of balance sensors
If the lift for whatever reason is ever out of balance, a number of sensors will detect this and prevent the lift from travelling.

Fall arrest mechanism
Due to our unique drive system, all the weight in the lift is carried on two steel cables. In the unlikely event that these cables were to break or go slack, the patented fall arrest mechanism inside the lift will activate and not allow the lift to move. This ensures the absolute safety of all occupants.

Over Speed Governor (OSG)
Over speed governor triggers if lift travels quicker than 0.15m/s, ensuring a safe speed is maintained.

Battery Backup 
Our lifts have a emergency battery backup in the event of a power failure.

Travel Sensors
Travel sensors on the highest and lowest levels are in place to guarantee the lift stops where it should.

Phone Access
A cleverly concealed mobile phone comes standard with each lift, as required per the Australian Lift Code.

How much noise does the lift make?

Unlike most other residential lifts on the market, our product don’t use noisy hydraulics, vacuum systems or loud mechanical equipment. Our lifts use a unique electric motor drive system which is very quiet. 

Is GST applicable on a Compact Home Lift?

GST is chargeable on all Compact Home Lifts but if you are disabled or have a long-term illness you may be exempt from paying GST on products designed or adapted for your own personal or domestic use.  If you think you may qualify for GST relief, please request an exemption form from a member of the Compact Home Lift sales team.

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